A proven method to quickly unlock what Harvard Business Review describes as 
The New Competitive Advantage, from the Pioneers themselves.

AQai provides adaptability assessments, certifications, and training to consultants, organisations and teams to help our world navigate and thrive through change. 

No human should be left behind in the rapid and inevitable changes ahead

NEW Scientific Approach REVEALS How To Unlock Your Teams’ Potential & Stay Ahead of The Pack In These Unpredictable Times...

The astonishingly effective solution coaches and employers often ignore and how many miss out on unlocking the real potential of their workforce

Discover The Competitive Advantage Your Business Needs To Thrive In These Rapidly Changing Times...

Maybe you are stuck because:
  • You are an employer who doesn't know how to best support your people during these rapidly changing times.
  • ​You are a coach who understands EQ BUT do not know what's next, or what's most valuable and relevant for your clients right now.
  • ​You know that the current changes happening are an opportunity, but you don't know how to leverage it.
  • ​You don't know what the next competitive advantage is to support your clients or company

Well, fortunately...

We understand what, as a business consultant, coach, leader or an employer you are going through.

Our researched-backed discovery has led to profound culture-shifts, anxiety-release and innovation among teams.

AND we are launching our AQ Certification Programs this Autumn

STOP relying on personality assessments, or simply EQ... 
It is time to START leveraging Adaptability, AQ

The fact is that we are all in adaptation mode.

Normal is gone - we are in a totally new environment, courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The workplace has been redefined - The workplace is no longer the same, new rules apply.

As a matter of fact, we have no choice but to adapt to these changes in order to survive or even achieve any level of success.

But did you know that while many leaders, coaches and consultants know about EQ, hardly anyone knows about AQ (Adaptability Quotient) - which is the very super power you need to navigate, and what you need to drive change in the workplace of tomorrow.

The fact is that moving forward, how well you succeed will directly be dependent on how fast you can adapt.

As a coach or a leader, you need to learn and understand AQ. This is for the purposes of investing in yourself so that you can help your clients adapt to rapid change too and you can EASILY turn this into a revenue generator.

This directly means that our system will not only serve as a strategy that helps you make money but being an early-adopter in the AQ movement, along with companies such as GSK, IBM, and Singularity University gives you a chance to stay ahead of the pack.

Our AQ certification is suitable for:

  • HR, Learning and Culture Professionals who want to understand and improve their workforce.
  • Business consultants who want to learn more relevant skills to teach their clients.
  • Freelance Coaches who vision a bigger future than their past.

Introducing AQai - The Adaptability Platform 

The AQai Certification empowers you to understand and leverage AQai's AQ Assessment and Learning Platform. This is the very first program of its kind, founded on pioneering research, with proven science, validity, reliability and most of all, impact.

You will learn about the research and development journey of our validated model of AQ, and how to begin applying it in your business.
Many companies and individual coaches are struggling right now to find that elusive competitive edge that will see them grow and thrive past their competitors.

Well, if that sounds like you, the AQai Certification is FOR YOU.

The fact is that AQ is vital in the modern climate of accelerating change, it’s fast becoming one of the determining factors in ‘surviving vs thriving’ in the future of work.

The AQai Foundation Certification comprises of:

  • Your own AQ Assessment and Profile
  • AQ Presenter Guide and Scripted Presentation
  • ​Post Assessment AQ-Boosting activities
  • ​Deep research sharing on the validated AQ methodology
  • A user account pre-loaded with 5 assessments (use with one client team)
  • ​A chance to practice debriefing the assessment with other experts
  • ​Access to follow up learning webinars (x3)
  • ​Certificate and certified practitioner community
  • ​Your commitment: 3 x 2 hour live virtual training sessions with the experts in AQ
The “AQai Certification”
 Is For Anyone Who Wants To...
  • Discover the most relevant tools for thriving through uncertainty.
  • ​Help improve their unique value to their clients or employees futures.
  • ​Be part of this decades most important movement, the AQ movement.

Get to understand our research, our methodologies, insights, and our platform

For a very limited time
you can get access to the AQai Certification
Reg. £750
(if you get it today) It's ONLY £525!
Booking now for certification dates in October: 26th, 27th and 28th
Dates to be confirmed for November & December 2020
What People Are Saying About AQai Certification 

Tara Cherniawski, Director of Consulting,
Propel International, UAE

We aim to utilize the AQ tool within individual coaching engagements, with facilitated leadership programmes and to embed in talent initiatives with a multitude of client organisations, to both enrich and inform talent development and decision-making.

Rafael Puerto Vázquez
Business Agility Catalyst Change Maker

AQai will help people, teams and organizations to be aware of their state in term of their adaptability, so they will have a point, and a guidance, on where to start a never-ending journey, and future-proof their future of work.

Geert Geens
Co-owner and consultant | Beanmachine

Our mission is to build adaptive organisations where people and business thrive. Together. We engage in this AQai certification because we believe it's the best available solution backed by a supersolid team and research. No doubt this unique tool will help our customers build and sustain their adaptive capacity.

Are You Ready To Take This Important Step In These 
Hyper-Complex and Unpredictable Times?

Here’s What You’ll Get In The
AQai Foundation Certification…

This certification will give you a foundational knowledge of adaptability and our AQ model. It will share best-practices for debriefing the AQme and AQteam Profile assessments and insights with individuals, groups and teams. AQai master trainers coach you on how to use proven AQ science to deepen your understanding of each dimension of adaptability.

Improving your impact as a trainer, consultant and practitioner. Completing this certification will expand your understanding of AQ dimensions and how they impact our relationships to transformation, wellness, innovation, reskilling & upskilling and future-readiness. You will learn to share this insight with others in a virtual group training.

Here’s exactly what you get inside:
Three day (2hrs per day) live learning modules with the experts plus...
  • Your own AQme profile
  • ​AQteam: Presenter Guide​
  • ​Access to Post-Assessment Individual and Team Activities
  • The Research and Science on the AQai assessment
  • ​A user account pre-loaded with 5 assessments (Access to AQteam solutions)
  • ​A chance to practice debriefing the assessment with other experts
  • Follow-up coaching webinars (x3) and an online community for support and collaboration
All of this is worth £1445 in Value!
For a very limited time
you can get access to the AQai Certification
Reg. £750
(if you get it today) It's ONLY £525!
Booking now for certification dates in October: 26th, 27th and 28th
Dates to be confirmed for November & December 2020
About AQai
We’ve supported individuals and teams in over 50 countries who experienced rapid change, whether through automation or unexpected events, and enabled them to navigate the uncertainty and positively transform their future.

AQai is globally recognised as THE benchmark index for adaptability. We help corporations, high potential startups, governments and NGOs upgrade their organisation’s adaptability performance so they can hire, prepare, and develop a workforce ready for any kind of rapid change.

At AQai we are inspired to help ensure no one gets left behind.

Booking now for certification dates in October (26th, 27th & 28th), November and December 2020.


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